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Avid Hemp offers a diverse range of products, some of which, like keto oil and teas, we´ve never heard of before. The products are all of high quality, and the company is committed to safe and beneficial uses of CBD. The website and catalog have undergone a design makeover recently, which is more than appreciated. Customer support also goes above and beyond when speaking to you about CBD and its product range.


A diverse range of products.

Excellent customer support.

The company only works with farmers who share their same vision.

30-day money-back guarantee.


All ingredients are not bio, so it cannot be counted as an organic CBD product. 

The price point is a bit high when comparing on a daily dose metric.


Avid Hemp has committed to providing the purest and most effective CBD products on the market.


While the company was established in the United States circa 2017, the founders were advocates of research on ´hemp for medicinal purposes´ before starting the business. Avid Hemp has more than 20 years of experience in this industry, with offices in Tampa, Florida, and the United Kingdom.


All products that we tested from Avid Hemp were of high-quality. The company has a rather extensive catalog of products, which include:


  •  Oil tinctures: With less than 0.3% THC, this oil will not allow you to fail a drug test. It comes in unflavoured, peppermint, or peach flavors with the potency ranging from 300mg to 5000mg. 


  •  CapsulesMade with cannabinoids and terpenes naturally found within the highest grade, medicinal cannabis strains. Concentration starts from 100mg packs to 1000mg. 60 capsule bottles.


  •  Vaping supplementsE-liquids, Cartridges, sweet clouds, and more with optimal strength and flavor for vaping devices.


  •  Topicals: High-quality massage oils, fast-absorbing creams, and peppermint-flavored chapsticks.


  • CBD for Pets: All-natural hemp-extracted and combined with natural ingredients.


  • Misc: Keto Oil can be used in your regular dietary regimen. CBD infused tea acts as a soothing beverage for pain relief and sleep aid. Flowers are rich and smokable.


The price for Avid Hemp products tends to be a bit more than what we are used to.  Their 1,000mg  full spectrum CBD tincture can be purchased for $99.99 while 5000mg costs $400. 


A 30 capsule bottle of 500mg concentration costs $59.99. Their CBD massage oil retails for $34.99 for 300mg, and 750mg CBD balm in a 2-ounce jar sells for $75.00.

Our Experience

We tested the 500mg CBD oil tincture, the 500 mg Vape Cartridge, and the 500mg CBD capsules. Each product worked very well for various symptoms.


The CBD oil tincture took away some pain that we were experiencing from a twisted knee injury.


The vape cartridge had an excellent taste to it in Strawberry Krush. We were impressed that it warded off anxiety and how convenient it was to use them.


We were most impressed with the CBD capsules. While they are convenient to carry around, they also pack a punch. They will assist in the uptight feeling you may have during stressful situations or a rough work week.


They use the painstaking process of CO2 extraction to make sure customers receive the highest quality organic CBD products. The company has strong relations with hemp farms in Colorado and Florida, so the business knows exactly where and how the Hemp was grown.


Avid Hemp believes in testing all the products they produce. They check for full-spectrum CBD, pesticides, and terpenes. All lab results can be viewed online and are performed by a trusted third-party CBD lab. The company also tests to determine that all products have a consistent color and flavor profile.


Avid Hemp ships to the United States and Canada, as well as Australia and the United Kingdom. A shipping charge is added to each order. The company believes in delivering products on time.

Buying Experience

Avid Hemp offers a great buying experience. The website is straightforward to navigate around. While the structure itself is on the duller side, it somewhat gels with the overall feel of Avid Hemp. The product designs are unique, with vibrant colors and unicorns.


Purchasing your products, though, is very easy. Select what you want, and within a few minutes, you would have entered your information and paid for it.  


The company also states it has donated a total of $2,450.52 to the Cancer Research Institute so far.


Customer Support


Avid Hemp has a team of six individuals who work closely together to ensure that your entire experience is seamless. They offer customer support through their email address but also welcome phone calls. Employees seemed to be very knowledgeable about Hemp and passionate about the industry.


We believe that Avid Hemp is a trustworthy company that specializes in Hemp. They have a vast array of products, and their team is super knowledgeable about the CBD industry. While their products are on the steeper end, they are safe and made of high-quality ingredients.


Whether you are a CBD connoisseur or just starting, you will find that Avid Hemp has a product that you can use.

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Austin Beals is a writer, and a lifelong advocate of Cannabis for health and wellness. He likes hiking, football and online chess.

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