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Mission Farms piqued our curiosity with their unique CBD products made with essential oils and a distinctive “farm to family” ethos. They have a potent product line developed with specific health benefits in mind, and their family oriented approach stands out in a saturated CBD industry. 


Overseeing the whole seed to sale process with the only third party intervention being with the testing, we had the opportunity to test out many of their products and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 


Combination of high quality CBD and therapeutic essential oils

Farm to family ethos

High quality hemp and third party testing


Misinformation relating to product ingredients

No choice in the potency


One of the key contributors to the success of Mission Farms is their base in Bend, Oregan, commonly referred to as the ‘NAPA VALLEY OF HEMP’. The company’s origins are no different from most brands. The founders suffered through various health ailments for years until CBD changed their lives. Then, they got together and built Mission Farms as a family owned collective. 


Since its foundation in 2015, Mission Farms has steadily grown into a reputed name with it’s commitment to offering premium quality hemp products with organic flavorings and essential oils.


The company has a diverse range of products, and quite uniquely, they have 4 variants for almost all products developed to treat a specific ailment/issue. 


These are Rest (Deepens your sleep), Relax (calms your stress), Relieve (eases your discomfort), and Pure (Enhances your well being). 


  • Oil: All natural CBD tinctures with 1000mg concentration are infused with essential oils, and come in four variants depending on your issue. These are non-psychoactive, THC free and deliver 25mg CBD per ml. 


  • Joint and Muscle gel: Providing quick comfort as well as lasting relief from pain and inflammation, CBD gels come in concentrations of 300mg or 600mg, in either a jar or pump bottle. 


  • Mints: Full spectrum mints with 300mg CBD, these are available in peppermint and cinnamon. They are more effective than capsules or gummies with 5 times the absorption rate. 


  • Topicals: 2oz CBD infused body creams with 300mg  concentration, these help hydrate your skin and calm your muscles and joints. Roll ons can help ease discomfort and reduce inflammation with 250mg CBD.


  • Soaps: All natural CBD soaps are chemical-free with superior cleansing power and healing goat milk. They have 250mg CBD in each bar. 


  • Bath salts: 7oz bath soaks have 350mg CBD and therapeutic essential oils to help hydrate & exfoliate your skin. 


Products are priced on the higher side, although the company runs regular promotions with a 25% discount being offered on all products now.


  • Oils (40ml): $99
  • Pain gel: $39-$69
  • Mints (30 count): $39
  • Body cream: $39
  • Roll on: $29
  • Soaps: $20
  • Bath salts: $39

Our Experience

We received sample packs for this review from the company and I tried them all over the course of 2 weeks. Here’s my personal experience



We tried three different types of CBD oil from Mission Farms; Pure CBD, Relieve CBD and Pure CBD (THC Free). All of them have vanilla mint flavor, which is pretty tasteful. The Pure CBD oils work best in the morning to relieve anxiety and stress before an important day at work. I tried the Relieve CBD oil a couple of times after conditioning workouts. It really helped to calm down after intense workouts to fall asleep more easily. 


CBD Cream

The creams are great. I used the Pure CBD Cream and Relax CBD Cream after showers on intense workout days. It gives you a fast relief of stress on joints and muscles. The Relax cream even gave me an overall feeling of calmness and reduced anxiety.


Relax CBD Goat Milk Soap

This soap really calms you down. I used this soap in a bathtub and gave it 30 mins to absorb completely into my body. I cannot recommend this soap enough if you just want to lie down and calm down in your bathtub. It also had an ok effect on relieving stress in my muscles.


Joint and Muscle Gel

I asked my wife to massage me with this joint and muscle gel. We put the gel all over my body and this really puts you in a relaxing mode. The gel has a great effect on joints & muscles, and it felt like the soreness and pain faded away almost immediately. Especially recommended for people with lower back pain.


One of the best things about Mission Farms is that they grow hemp on their own farms in Bend, Oregan. This region is known as Napa Valley of hemp with it’s sun-drenched, volcanic soil. Only environmentally sustainable methods are used with ethanol extraction process being employed to derive the oil. 


From growing and harvesting to extracting and packaging, the company oversees the whole process.


All products are supposed to be organic with essential oils and other ingredients being free from any chemicals or contaminants. A third party lab is hired for testing with results being published online. 


We have to state though that their Rest CBD cream has phenoxyethanol and sodium hydroxymethylglycinate; latter could be carcinogenic. Their CBD gel also has phenoxyethanol plus triethanolamine. 


This info is in contrast with their stated claims of chemicals and impurities. And we do not understand why the company thought it would be ok to follow this line of thought. 


The company offers a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. You can return the products and get a refund during that time period. They ship to all states in the US through UPS, and have expedited shipping options. 

Buying Experience

The website is very minimalist and pleasing to the eye. It’s easy to browse through the products and product information is quite adequate. Branding and designs are top notch. We absolutely love the packaging. 


They also currently run a 25% sale across the site, with regular discounts and promos being a staple. 


We really liked Mission Farms, and had a great time testing out the products. From the moment we opened the beautiful packaging to feeling the effects of CBD through our body, it was a good experience. That is why we were perplexed with their chemical additives in certain products and the conflicting information we found on their site. 


We hope those issues are sorted out quickly, for we believe this is a brand that could go a long way in the industry.

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Spencer Kratz

Spencer is a self proclaimed CBD connoisseur, living in Texas. He used to work as a paralegal and spends way too much time cooking.

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