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OKI is a new but fascinating CBD brand based out of San Diego, California. Unlike their competitors, they focus on a minimal product line with their drinks segment taking center stage.


They focus on the natural, organic element of their products and ensure strict lab testing, offering an alternative to your day to day CBD companies.


CBD water and Iced teas are refreshing and pack in a punch

Attractive packaging with recyclable products.

Organic hemp with stringent product testing


Very few options for those who do not like the drinks

Lack of information about the company

Customer experience could be improved


Oki is a California based company founded with the objective of “restoring balance to your life and focus to your day.” They are part of Phivida Holdings Inc., which is headquartered in Vancouver, BC. Phivida is a premium functional food and beverage company focused on whole plant nutrition and natural ingredients.


Organic and natural resources are an integral part of the company’s ethos, with recyclable packaging and eco-friendly processing methods being used. We were not able to find any more information about the company’s background or team.


While Oki’s main product line is focused on its drinks segment, the company sells CBD oils and capsules of varying strength.


  • Oil: Broad Spectrum CBD oil available in three variants every day, enhanced and supreme; these 30ml tinctures are organic and help alleviate stress, pain while bringing in a sense of calm. You can choose from three potency options of 600mg, 1200mg, and 1800mg.


  • Capsules: Convenient and easy to carry around, CBD capsules are available in the same variants as the oil with three potencies of 10mg, 20mg, and 30mg CBD per capsule. They are blended with a combination of MSM & Turmeric for anti-inflammatory properties. 


  • Water: This is their premium product line, and no wonder. With 20mg CBD infused in all-natural water, you can choose from several flavors like cranberry, cucumber, watermelon, and enhanced. Each easy to carry recyclable bottle holds refreshing, broad-spectrum hemp extract. 


  • Iced Tea: one of our favorite products that helps you calm down and relax, each CBD infused tea bottle holds 20mg CBD and comes in natural flavors of lemon ginger, honey, raspberry, and mint.


We believe the products are priced higher in comparison to various other brands, even if the usage of promo codes and discounts could help you cut costs.  


  • Oil (30ml):  $39.99-$99.99      
  • Capsules (60 count): $39.99-$99.99      
  • Water (pack of 12): $60
  • Tea (pack of 12): $72

Our Experience

We received sample packs for this review from the company and I tried them all over the course of 2 weeks. Here’s my personal experience


We tried the CBD Iced Tea and CBD Water from Oki ourselves. 


Oki CBD Iced teas are supposed to make you feel serene, harmonious, and relaxed. The low-calorie drink (45 kcals) did have a calming effect on the body and mind, but I was not blown away by its impact. Especially after a few days, drinking one bottle a day, I experienced less of the first drink’s effects. The taste is pretty good compared to other iced teas, which are usually super sugary. The Raspberry Serene has my preference over the Lemon Ginger Harmony.


On the other hand, Oki CBD waters work to refresh, revive, and renew. Although I liked the taste of the flavored water, I prefer the CBD Iced teas over the CBD waters. I did not feel as much of a relaxing effect compared to the iced teas. The Watermelon Renew was my favorite of the two. It’s an excellent drink to grab after an intense workout to recover and recharge.


All products from OKI are natural, made from high-quality hemp. They contain broad-spectrum hemp extract with CBD. The CBD is extracted using a CO2 extraction process.


They are vegan, contain no GMO, and are full of beneficial phytonutrients, flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids without the intoxicating THC.


The company conducts individual product testing with the help of Flora Research Laboratories, and results are published online. You can check different batch test results yourself using the product code in the packaging. They test products for over 450 potential contaminants before a finished product goes to market.


We could not find exact shipping & returns policy, which is a must in this day and age. The customer support is iffy and could be improved. They can be contacted only by mail at the moment.

Buying Experience

The website is very slick and compliments the overall style of the brand. It’s user friendly, and the purchasing process is quite straightforward.


Oki offers a range of discounts, so it’s highly recommended to subscribe to their newsletter.


Oki is an exciting brand, with products that we liked. Their CBD infused water and Iced tea come in a beautiful and recyclable bottle. They’re refreshing and pack in a punch.


However, these would not be our first line of CBD remedies, but rather a good supplement. They need to improve on the customer experience and to make their product more accessible. However, we can highly recommend their drinks range without a second thought.

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Lars Blenckers is a Journalist, Writer and Editor in chief at CBD Examiners.  When he’s not testing out the latest CBD product in the market, he can be found in the gym, near the squat rack.

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