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One of the most exciting brands we’ve come across on our review table, Nanocraft CBD can be rightfully said to be at the upper echelons of the CBD market today. 


Using state of the art ‘NanoTechnology’ to make CBD more bioavailable, Nanocraft supplements superior product quality with an unparalleled buying experience and top notch customer support. 


Their product catalog is comprehensive, prices affordable and test results are first rate, earning Nanocraft CBD the top spot in our “Best CBD brands” list.


Nano Technology ensures zero wasted nutrients and improves absorption dramatically

Around 4-5 times more bioavailable than regular CBD products

Seamless purchase process

Customer support sets a new standard

Fast shipping and easy returns


Only available in the US

They could expand their product lines to cater to more niche markets


Nanocraft CBD was founded in 2017 by two friends cum entrepreneurs, Todd Erwin and Stefan Mckellar. Based out of San Diego, California, they also have a sister brand focused on CBD for pets called “Petly”. 


Since its inception, the founders have been adamant about using technology to usher in a revolution in the CBD market. This is why all products are formulated using cutting edge NanoTechnology which encapsulates the active ingredients by suspending them in nanoemulsions or nanospheres. 


This makes their products around 4x-5x more bioavailable than water/oil soluble based CBD. Thus, Nanocraft CBD is absorbed by the body much faster with zero wasted ingredients. 


Nanocraft carry pretty much everything you’d expect from a market leader, except for vapes. While the product catalog cannot be termed as unique by any means, the products distinguish themselves in their make-up and quality. 


Oils: Available in two variants: Day and Night. 


  • Day formula contains CBD and other natural ingredients such as vitamin B12, ashwagandha, caffeine, Rhodiola, CoQ10, and L-theanine. It is designed to help you stay alert during the day and keep your mind more active. 


  • Night formula contains CBD and melatonin, passionflower, lavender, and 5-HTTP. It is designed to relax your body/muscles and help you sleep better. 


They also have a pure CBD oil without any of the added ingredients, as well as high potency gold oil with added dosage of CBD for experienced users. 


Capsules: Easy to swallow phytocannabinoid rich capsules have 25mg of CBD and 40 synergistic terpenes in each softgel. They can also be found in curcumin and melatonin variants. 


Topicals: Muscle relaxing cooling sticks in varying potencies and sports cream are two of the products in their topical segment designed for pain relief. The cooling roll-on gel contains tea tree extract, ginseng, menthol, and aloe.


Supplements: NanoCraft sells a CBD superfood in powder form that is made up of ground hemp, plus green juice powders, probiotics, stress relieving adaptogens, digestive enzymes, and herbal phytonutrients. 


Water: Their Energy and Recovery water contains 10mg of CBD plus other additives like B12 and useful electrolytes. Comes in two variants: Black cherry for energy and cucumber kiwi for recovery. 


Most products are affordable, although they aren’t bargain basement levels. However, this sort of alleviates any concern that they might be cutting corners. 



Nanocraft also offers Bundles for the super savers with their Day/Night formula costing $120. Their other bundles include deep sleep combo, muscle and joint bundle and a lot more on discounted prices. 

Our Experience

Day Night Formula

I was amazed by how well the bundle worked. The day formula was perfect to keep me alert and focused without the regular energy lag I usually feel by lunch time. The night formula on other hand helped me fall asleep peacefully, while taking away muscle pain and aches. 


CBD Lip Balm

I used the Lip Balm to moisturize my lips during the cold winter this year. It feels great on my lips and makes the lips very soft. The anti-bacterial and antioxidant helps to keep my lips protected at the same time.


CBD Oil softgels

I used these softgels to get rid of a shoulder strain. It helped me tremendously and I got rid of the pain within 5 days. The softgels also gave me a very calm feeling overall during the day. Probably one of the best softgels out there!


CBD Muscle & Joint Stick

This is probably the best stick currently available on the market. The stick is very soothing on the sore body parts. It relieves pain immediately after putting it on and one of the fewer products I would recommend with serious joint pain. Using this before sleep has improved my sleep significantly.


CBD Energy Water

This is a great recovery or pre-workout drink. You really feel your energy levels restored after consuming the drink after an intense workout. I highly recommend professional sports teams to make use of this product as well.


Nanocraft has partnered with Folium BioSciences, a renowned hemp cultivation and processing firm. All CBD products are made using non-GMO, organic and industrial hemp in colorado. 


Products are made through alcohol extraction process using food grade ethanol. This ensures everything is compliant under FDA regulations and is completely safe for human consumption. 


Third party lab testing is employed at every level to detect even the slightest of contaminants, or discrepancies. Products are ensured to have 112 cannabinoids such as THCA, CBDA, CBD, CBN, CBG, and CBD. They also retain the natural terpenes and flavonoids. 


Broad spectrum CBD products are ensured to have 0% THC, and their proprietary hemp strain is rich in phytocannabinoids. 


COAs can be accessed through individual pages and products come with their own QR code which can be scanned for their respective results.

Buying Experience

Nanocraft website can be summed up in two words “User-Friendly Aesthetics”. The design is highly intuitive with beautiful color schemes and responsive platform adaptability. 


More importantly, it’s user friendly and super simple to make a purchase. You just add a product to the cart and checkout. You can pay with credit/debit cards and PayPal as well. 


The company also regularly runs promos and sends out coupon codes to subscribers which we can attest are quite substantial. So do make sure you get on their email list. 


Our experience with the customer support was fairly good. The rep was friendly and answered all our questions, as well as made recommendations based on the problems we had stated. They can be contacted through phone, mail and social media channels.


They offer free shipping on orders over $75, and products are shipped out the same day. However, at the time of writing, international shipping is not available. 


The return policy is quite generous as well. They accept returns within a 30 day time period if you’re not satisfied for any reason. This applies to any/all products and no questions asked. 


Nanocraft also has a subscription program that can significantly help you cut costs. They have monthly programs and other subscription offers.


They have a special grassroots program for children called Nanokids which supports NGOs focusing child hunger and kids born with genetic disorders. They give away a part of their revenue to their Nanokids program every month. 


While Nanocraft CBD hasn’t been around as long as Charlotte’s Web, and still have a few kinks to taper over, we believe they have set a new standard for the CBD market.


Nanocraft products are second to none, and their service has won over fans quickly. They have differentiated themselves in a saturated market using superior technology, and that kind of branding is hard to replicate. 


We look forward to seeing their product range expand and await their foray into other segments. For now, we can highly recommend to all CBD enthusiasts, new and experienced users alike.

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Lars Blenckers

CBD Journalist

Lars Blenckers is a Journalist, Writer and Editor in chief at CBD Examiners.  When he’s not testing out the latest CBD product in the market, he can be found in the gym, near the squat rack

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