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Just CBD is a no-nonsense direct to consumer CBD brand offering a wide range of products, rooted in its principle of “believe in CBD.” Relatively new to the industry, they have nonetheless become popular due to a diverse catalog and adherence to strict quality standards. 


Their focus on product transparency and customer support have been widely appreciated. Starting as a small boutique firm, they’ve begun making waves recently by branching to global markets and rapidly expanding their product line.


A diverse range of products with a tremendous edibles range

Unique varieties and flavoring options

Transparent and accurate product information


Shipping and refund policies leave much to be desired

Lack of information on company background, manufacturing process, etc.

Pricing is marginally high


Founded in 2017, Just CBD is based out of Bacon Raton, Florida.  They source all their industries from the US and carry out extensive third-party testing on all their products. 


Built by people who believe in the power of CBD and the amazing health benefits it offers, Just CBD aims to be the “future of CBD and inspire the culture.” The founders were dismayed by how the CBD industry was misrepresented and wanted to offer consumers an alternative they can trust. This led to the formation of Just CBD in the fag end of 2016. 


Other than this information, we were unable to find a lot of information on its background or the team behind it.


Just CBD offers a wide range of products catering to every customer and their unique requirements. Aside from your regular line of oil, edibles, and topicals, Just CBD also have some special items on their product line such as CBD isolates, protein bars, dry fruits, bath bombs and more. 


  • Oil Tinctures: available in different variants of coconut oil, hemp seed oil, and liquid honey tincture, CBD oils have potencies ranging from 50mg to 1500mg. 


  • Gummies: Available in concentrations of 250mg to a whooping 3000mg, these gummies pack in a punch and are a great way to consume CBD easily. You can choose from 11 flavors and a sugar-free option. 


  • Capsules: four different variants are at your disposal based on your needs, namely energy, nighttime, multivitamins, and discomfort. All products have 25mg CBD per capsule. 


  • Edibles: Each container of delicious Just Chocolate Cocoa Quinoa Bites has 250 mg of CBD with 310 calories per serving. The ingredients include chocolate liquor, panela sugar, and less than 2% of industrial hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD). Other edibles include protein bars, dried fruits, Honey sticks, CBD isolate powders. 


  • Topicals: Pain creams, roll-ons, and CBD relief gels of varying concentrations are available. 


  • Vape: Cartridges, Liquids, vape oils, and juices are available on different flavors such as blue razz, mango ice, pineapple, and more. 


  • Pets:  CBD treats for dogs, cats, and other pets as well as oil tinctures in flavors of beef, chicken, salmon, and more are available in their petcare range. 


  • Misc: Just CBD also has other exciting products in its line up such as capsules, coconut oil, jet setters, bath bombs, soaps. 


  • Oil (30ml bottle): $9-$99 
  • Gummies: $14 – $99
  • Pain creams (100mg – 250mg): $11-$25 
  • Ultra relief gels (1000mg): $59.99
  • Capsules (30 count): $59.99
  • Vape: $15.99 – $49.99
  • Protein bar: $4- $49.99
  • Bath bombs: $4.99-$9.99
  • Pet tinctures: $17.99 – $49.99


All CBD products are made from industrial hemp grown in the USA. However, which farms they are sourced from or what kind of extraction process has been used was not readily available. We do believe industry best processes were employed given the quality of products, but we’d like more information. 


An independent third-party lab has been employed to conduct tests on all products. Results and certificates of analysis have been published on the website for perusal. These lab test results offer not just their Cannabinoid content, but also their full ingredients and their exact measurements.


However, we were not able to verify individual product test results.


The returns policy leaves much to be desired. While they do have a 15-day refund policy, it only applies for unused products, and the customer should bear shipping charges. No refunds are made for “sale” items, either. 


Free shipping for orders over $20 across the USA.

Buying Experience

The website is user friendly, although browsing the products tends to be cumbersome at times. The purchasing process posed no problems. We fell in love with product packaging with earthy tones and organic designs. The products felt more like a natural healthcare brand than CBD.


They run regular promotions with a 15% discount currently being offered sitewide. They also have a lucrative affiliate program.


Just CBD is a brand we liked and can recommend to both new users and lifelong enthusiasts. We do hope the company can improve it’s customer service and product policies to make life easier for casual users. 


However, their product range is diverse enough to satiate every taste, and the product quality is excellent across the board. So it gets a thumbs up in our book.

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Spencer is a self proclaimed CBD connoisseur, living in Texas. He used to work as a paralegal and spends way too much time cooking.

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