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Being an anti-inflammatory agent, CBD is undoubtedly potent on its own. But, what if it comes in tandem with another anti-inflammatory?


Mana Botanics explores and unveils the potent benefits stemming from this exact idea. Instead of straight botanical CBD products, they combine CBD with the delightful flavor of vanilla, organic macadamia nut oil, and the super anti-inflammatory turmeric to create their natural versions. 


Mana Botanics expresses solid Hawaiian values and a passion for delivering the best possible CBD. Every single ingredient in a Mana Botanics product is rich in 100% natural and sustainably sourced Hawaiian ingredients.


CBD products infused with turmeric and other natural ingredients

Manufactured using regenerative farming techniques

Probably the best tasting CBD products we’ve had

Unique flavors

Helps support local communities


Limited product catalog

More expensive than other brands

Could use better shipping methods, and rates


The members of the Mana Botanics team have been in the cannabis business for over 20 years. Founder Steve Sakala started off as a cannabis activist way back in 1992. He eventually founded the company with a focus on regenerative farming techniques for the ingredients used in their products.


The company’s stated objective is “handcrafting phytocannabinoid-rich products for endocannabinoid system support.”


They create their extracts from real plants, fruits, and vegetables, providing their users with an authentic taste and a slew of ensuing benefits. Besides hemp, they also incorporate ingredients like turmeric, passionflower, and even native Hawaiian honey.


Mana Botanics’ product range isn’t as vast as, say CBDfx. However, while other CBD brands often use artificial flavorings to create a unique taste, Mana Botanics’ product flavors are unique because everything about them is 100% natural. 


Their collection is restricted to four segments, namely.


  • Topicals: Three product ranges covering balms, massage oils, and body oils.


  • Drops: CBD oil available in potencies of 150mg, 300mg, and a super-strong 900mg variants. Available in different bottle sizes and three flavors – Turmeric and Vanilla, Passionflower and Lehua, Turmeric and Cinnamon 


  • Edibles: Hemp honey with lehua and wilelakai as ingredients, apart from our favorite – Hemp Dark chocolate bars


  • CBD for pets: Turmeric infused drops available in 2oz bottles


Mana Botanics’ products are higher priced than your average CBD brand. But we think the organic ingredients used justify it.


The 300mg 1oz Turmeric and Vanilla CBD oil tincture costs $55, while the 3x strong version with 900mg potency costs $130. 


You can get the CBD oil for pets at $55 for a 2-ounce bottle while a 1oz hemp balm comes to $40.  

Our Experience

We tried both the CBD oils and topicals, as well as the edibles. What we found were some of the best tasting CBD products in the market. 


The turmeric and cinnamon CBD tincture is golden yellow in color and tastes unique. While the effects were a bit slow, we nonetheless felt significant calmness and palliative sensations. 


The hemp balm emitted a strong, pleasing aroma, and reduced our anxiety and bodily stress much quicker than we expected. 


And finally, both the hemp honey and chocolate bar were rich while retaining the underlying cannabis taste. One needs to be careful not to consume too much, given how natural it tastes.


The actual hemp itself is initially sourced via a farm in Colorado for the highest-grade legal plant matter. Upon its arrival in Hawaii, Mana Botanics thoroughly inspects their plant matter before processing. Because of their outstanding service over the years, Mana Botanics has also acquired a license to grow their own hemp, thus making the process shorter and safer while giving them the opportunity to guarantee the quality of their products to the utmost degree.


The company utilizes two main extraction methods to provide clean, final products. One of these is C02 extraction, which happens to be the purest form of extraction used in the CBD industry today. Additionally, Mana Botanics uses alcohol extraction for a select few of its other products. This helps to remove excess nutrients from the alternative ingredients mixed into their tinctures. However, when cannabis is processed via an alcohol extraction method, some unwanted cannabinoids (such as THC) might end up in the CBD tincture.


Prior to being distributed, their batch is sampled and shipped off to either Steep Hill Labs, Hawaii, or Hawaii Pharm to be tested for pollutants.


To showcase their transparency, you can easily find out exactly where they get their ingredients from, with the click of a button.


When you buy one of the products in their lineup, you’re also supporting the local economy in their small Hawaiian community. This is due to the fact that any ingredients which aren’t grown on their own Honaunau Farm, are provided by their neighbors next door.


Not only are Mana Botanics a cannabidiol brand, but they want you to have the best possible healthcare and operate a retreat center focused on holistic wellness.

Customer Support

The overall feel of their brand reflects a familiar positive connection, or “Ohana.” Mana Botanics strives to create real relationships with all of its customers, making them feel as close as family through every interaction they’ll have.


Their customer service is pretty much what you would expect of a top brand—patient, knowledgeable executives handling all your queries. 


The company also offers free shipping for orders over $150. 

Buying Experience

If you have a quick look at their website – our favorite part happens to be the earthy design and easy to read lists that is strikingly similar to the sort you would see over at your favorite local coffee shop. 


Thankfully, it’s not only the design of their site that’s great. The fact that they care about their customers translates well into their digital image; whether you’re ordering something from their store or doing a little deep-digging research on their products – the user experience is smooth and seamless.


Whether you’re a CBD veteran and have been using it for years, or you’re new to the experience, Mana Botanics produces the best tasting CBD products in the market. 


If you’re in search of an alternative way to find relief from pain, epilepsy, or anxiety and don’t know where to get started with their products – the Mana Botanics Hemp Oil: Turmeric & Vanilla is one of the best CBD Oil tinctures out there on the market. And it’s made with ethically sourced ingredients too!

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Lars Blenckers is a Journalist, Writer and Editor in chief at CBD Examiners.  When he’s not testing out the latest CBD product in the market, he can be found in the gym, near the squat rack

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