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There are numerous CBD brands in the market, and a majority of them offer pet care products as an afterthought. Very few companies focus on a single segment because it is both risky and wouldn’t generate as much revenue. This is why our enthusiasm was skyrocketing when Pure Paws Hemp was brought to the review desk. 


Pure Paws Hemp is one of the very few CBD companies focusing solely on pet care products. They offer an extensive collection of CBD products for pets such as Biscuits, Shampoos, oils, and treats. And as a dog owner fed up with substandard CBD pet products, we wanted to see how Pure Paws Hemp stood up against the industry stalwart, PETLY. 


One of the few pets focused CBD brands

High-quality products for all kinds of pets

Diverse product catalog


Website is not very appealing or user friendly

Higher priced than regular brands

Lack of variety in their edibles section

More information about their sourcing and manufacturing processes would be appreciated


Founded by animal lovers and CBD enthusiasts, Pure Paws Hemp has made a name for itself in the petcare CBD vertical. Their goal is to design a unique, human-grade product line that helps your furry friends look and feel their best. 


The founders personally went through a period of a struggle trying to help alleviate the pain suffered by their pets and improve their well being. When CBD came into their lives as a miraculous remedy, they were instantly hooked. However, with the pet care industry being highly unregulated, the need for a trusted CBD brand for pets was paramount. Thus was born Pure Paws Hemp. 


It all started with their mission statement – “Provide your pets with a premium CBD remedy for all their wellness needs.”


Pure Paws Hemp has a fascinating and diverse product line for pets. While most brands stick to the usual chews and oil, Pure Paws offer shampoos, conditioners, topicals, edibles, and more. All products are organic, tested for pesticides and other residues, and have less than 0.3% THC. 


  • Oil tinctures: Human grade CBD oil tinctures are available in chicken, beef, and salmon flavors and suitable for pets of all sizes and varieties. Three potency variants of 150mg, 375mg, and 1000mg are available to choose from. CBD oil for cats has a lower potency of 125mg. 


  • 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner: Packed with 150mg of pure CBD, this blend helps soothe itchy skin, control shedding and promotes shiny hair growth for pets of all breeds and sizes. 


  • Biscuits: Gourmet Dog biscuits infused with 10mg hemp extract, these help in lowering stress, promoting calm and relaxation.


  • Paw Butter: Prepared with a blend of natural oil, 150mg CBD Paw Butter gently repairs dry and cracked paws while adding an extra layer of protection against harsh terrain like ice, snow, rough ground, and hot pavement. 


Pure Paws hemp products are affordable, although they’re more expensive than many of the big-name brands. 


  • CBD oil – $25 – $120
  • Dog biscuits (15 count) – $30      
  • Paw butter (2oz) – $30
  • Shampoo & conditioner (6oz) – $306




According to their website, Every pet is unique and may need a different amount of CBD based on his size and the severity of his issues, but we recommend one to two servings per day.


Their website has a handy dosing calculator, which would make your life far easier.


All CBD products are made from organic Hemp grown in American farms and extracted through industry-approved processes. We were unable to find the extraction process used. 


All products sold at pure paws Hemp are tested by an independent third-party lab, and results are published online. You can search for individual batch tests yourself on the website. Testing is usually carried out for cannabinoids, pesticides, heavy metals, and residuals. 


Orders are processed 24/7 and will be shipped out within a day. The company ships to all 50 states and territories in the US. They also offer overnight and two-day shipping at extra prices. 

Buying Experience

The website has an ancient design and is not very appealing to our tastes. We hope the design would be upgraded sooner rather than later. Purchasing on the site, however, is easy and straightforward. They accept all modes of usual payments like credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, etc. 


Pure Paws Hemp offers a full 30-day refund for all products purchased on their website. However, third party purchases are not covered under this policy. Their customer support was adequate if a bit slow. You can call their agents on weekdays or drop a message through their online forms. 


Pure Paws Hemp has been one of our favorite petcare CBD brands, and we were highly impressed by their product quality. They have an extensive product line, although we wish they could expand their edibles offering. 


We hope they improve the purchase process, and develop a more attractive, user-friendly website. This is definitely a brand to watch out for, if you’re looking for CBD for pets.

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