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As the cannabis industry grows, several brands, including SocialCBD, are making immense efforts to create incredibly pure CBD products with excellent health food style packaging. There’s too much stigma around using Cannabis, and SocialCBD works towards making it easier to break free from the negative connotations. 


SocialCBD carries a diverse selection of Cannabidiol products, including oil tinctures, vape oils, gummies, and capsules. However, the brand built its name upon its range of high-quality vape pens. 


Let’s take a close look at the company and what they have to offer!


The CBD products are potent and pure

Top-notch vape pens that are probably the best in the market

Products are moderately priced


Only one potency for most of the products making it unsuitable for new users

Bottle sizes can be a limiting factor


SocialCBD has been around the industry as “Select CBD” for quite a while, although they rebranded into the current name in 2019. The company is based out of Portland and focuses on innovation. Providing some of the purest products in the market, SocialCBD started with the objective of improving the health of the community and fostering a CBD movement.


  • Oil Tinctures: Social CBD oils are one of the purest on the market, and come in one potency of 100mg. This may be a little too strong for first-time users. The full-spectrum CBD oil is available in Lemon-ginger, Peppermint, Lavender, and Pomegranate flavors. Broad-spectrum oils are also available for purchase. 


  • Vape Pens and Oil: For quick Cannabidiol experience, a light puff of SocialCBD’s vape oil will provide you relief and relaxation in a matter of seconds. Each three-second puff directly distributes 1-2mg of CBD to your body. Vape Pens have 125mg or 250mg concentration of CBD per pen as well and are available in different variants like relax, focus, etc. with distinct flavors. 


  • Gummies & Capsules: Each bottle of pills or a bag of gummies will provide you with 25-33mg per dosage. It is an exceedingly discreet option when it comes to using your favorite CBD products. 


  • Topicals: The muscle rub cream has 250mg of CBD infused with other ingredients like aloe, vitamin E, methanol, etc. The CBD patch is available in two doses of 20mg and 60mg, while the muscle balm stick has 400mg of CBD. 


  • Pets: Like other brands, social CBD has flavored and unflavoured products for your dogs and cats.


We found the products to be reasonably priced with CBD Drops ranging from $35 – $120 while their counterpart Broad Spectrum CBD Drops going for $40 – $125. The Vape Pens could be bought for $24.99 – $40 while Gel Capsules and Muscle Rubs would set you back by $65 and $34.99, respectively. 

Our Experience

We like the CBD oil for its strength, although a lack of entry-level drops might be a deterrent.  A dropper-full under the tongue, and you’ll have the usual CBD burst of energy mixed with a calming and relaxing effect. It’s advised that for optimal results, the oil tinctures should be lightly combined with coconut oil for its MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides), carrying it to every place it needs to go.


The vape pens are probably the best in industry, and you can see why from the first time you use it. Strong yet very distinct in taste, we love these. The vaping flavors available are quite similar to the original oils, and the warm sensation of the vaporized oil will remind you of sipping on your favorite teas.


The topicals are good, although our favorite SocialCBD product was the CBD infused patch. It’s effortless to carry around and use, yet offers instant pain relief. 


The only thing that we didn’t care for was their capsules. Each bottle has only 30 capsules, although there’s nothing to stop you from ordering more than one bottle at once.

Manufacturing Process

Social CBD uses industrial hemp free of solvents, THC, and pesticides. Indeed, being one of the purest products in the market, the products undergo extensive filtration and are clear liquids, devoid of any THC.


The brand’s packaging is lovely and has all the information you may look for, including activation times and lab details. 


Very few brands put up third party testing results on their packaging. This gives us immense confidence in recommending SocialCBD products to others.

Buying Experience

We love the health food branding in comparison to the heavy cannabis focus of other CBD’s. The website is easy to use and can take you to the product you’re looking for quickly. The checkout process is about the same as others. Still, as a repeat customer, you can set-up automatic orders via subscription, or save your payment details for one-time purchases.


If you decide that SocialCBD is the right brand for you, they offer a 15% off discount for the repeat, monthly purchases. They also offer a 20% discount to veterans and first responders. SocialCBD almost always has deals on the go, so keep your eyes peeled for new coupon codes!


Overall, SocialCBD is a brilliant cannabidiol brand. Being one of the purest CBD oils on the market, you can really feel the difference once you use it for a while. 


We enjoy Social CBD’s diverse range of products, and highly recommend SocialCBD to anyone who needs a discreet, well-formulated CBD that doesn’t carry the stereotypical cannabis stigma.

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Austin BealsCBD Journalist

Austin Beals is a writer, and a lifelong advocate of Cannabis for health and wellness. He likes hiking, football and online chess.

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