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Sunday Scaries wins extra points for its branding, and its offering of a unique product range only serves to highlight it’s standing in the industry. 


Run by two friends cum cannabis connoisseurs, the company follows industry best practices and sources organic hemp from Colorado. Very few brands offer CBD Bath bombs, gummies, and energy shots like them. Read the complete review to see what we thought about Sunday Scaries and their products. 


Eye-catching designs and a superior branding strategy

Unique products, with gummies and bath bombs being very popular

Organic ingredients and sustainable processing methods


Limited product catalog without many options

New users and experienced alike are served with same CBD potency

More details about the company background could be shared


Two bar owner friends turned CBD advocates founded Sunday Scaries in 2017. Beau Schmitt and Mike Sill believe that the best medicine is humor and nature.  They created their company to help you chill out so you can enjoy your life no matter what day it is. 


They knew the industry was overrun with copycat CBD brands, and wanted to create a brand that offered unique products. They also were quite stubborn on the style and edginess of their company. And the rest as they say is history. 


Sunday Scaries carries a limited range of products, although the products themselves are unique.  


  • Gummies: their most popular product is the CBD gummies available in regular and vegan versions. Both versions have 10mg of CBD in each CBD gummy, along with a healthy dose of vitamin D3 and B12.  These will help you when you are feeling on edge or agitated from everyday frustrations.  


  • Oil: high-quality, broad-spectrum CBD is infused with vitamin D3 and vitamin B12. This can be used at night to help you calm and relax so you can sleep. Each dropper offers about 30mg of CBD. 


  • CBD energy shots: Infused with caffeine and vitamins, Energy shots with 50mg CBD come in three different flavors, namely coconut lime, tropical pineapple, and sour fruit punch.  They sell them in a 12 pack and can increase your energy without any jitters.  


Some of the other products they sell are CBD bath bombs (50mfmg CBD) and CBD candy (10mg CBD).


The products are reasonably priced, and we had no issues using conventional payment methods. Products are cheaper on monthly subscription plan, but are much more expensive if you make a one- time purchase


  • CBD gummies: $31 for one bottle, $55 for two bottles, and $75 for three bottles.  
  • Vegan gummies: $35 to $86.  
  • CBD oil: $75
  • CBD energy shot: $12.


Sunday Scaries makes sure that the hemp they get is from reputable farmers in Colorado.


Once the raw material is refined and processed, they ship the materials to  a manufacturing plant in Orange County.  Here they are produced, packed, and sealed using a shrink wrap and a heat induction sealer.


The raw materials are processed in a GMP certified, ISO 9001 audited, Kosher laboratory.  It is also licensed by the Farm Products Dealer laboratory and the CDPHE (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.


It is required that the farmers prove that there are no pesticides or metals in the biomass they supply to Sunday Scaries.


There is also a page where you can look at lab results conducted by independent third parties. With Sunday Scaries, you can be assured that you are getting products that have no pesticides, metals, and have undergone stringent testing.


For all orders over $69 and subscriptions, they offer free shipping. As of now, Sunday Scaries cannot ship internationally.  Within the US, products will be shipped out within two business days. 

Buying Experience

Their website is easy to navigate, and they give excellent descriptions of their products along with directions on how to take the product.  The ingredients of the products are listed too. 


If you try something and it just does not work for you, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee.  


If you want to contact Sunday Scaries, you can email them or hit the “contact us” button on their website.  They also have a newsletter, so you will be the first to know about exclusive offers.  


Sunday Scaries catches your attention just by its name, and once you visit the site, their designs are striking. All this makes you want to give them a try even before you read their manufacturing practices and customer reviews. 


Even though its product line is limited to gummies, oil, candies, and bath bombs, all of them are unique and excellent in quality. We highly recommend them for all types of CBD users.

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Lars Blenckers is a Journalist, Writer and Editor in chief at CBD Examiners.  When he’s not testing out the latest CBD product in the market, he can be found in the gym, near the squat rack

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