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Trokie offers medical cannabis patients and enthusiasts the very best in fast, long-lasting relief. Whether you’re looking to alleviate pain, anxiety, or any other health issue, Trokie’s products offer the best of both worlds. Not only are their products scientifically proven to work, but they’re also discreet. 


You can choose from a variety of different products, including their patented cannabis lozenges. Their products deliver pharmacy-grade cannabis that can’t be found in other brands.


Trokie understands that every customer is different, which is why they do not subscribe to the one-size-fits-all approach. They offer different formulas of CBD, THC, and Hybrid cannabis to suit one’s needs.


Quality is products offers is very high

Lozenges are fast-acting, and effects are felt for a long time

Patented Buccal delivery system with third-party lab testing


Only a small catalog of products are available

Website is not user friendly

The purchasing process is complicated and unnecessarily long


Dr.Kenton Crowley, the brains behind Trokie, has been in the business of pharma and clinical medicine for more than 30 years. He has spent decades perfecting his patented delivery system of cannabis products. Trokie is the only company in the world with a U.S. patent for its buccal delivery system, which promises quick relief and customer satisfaction.


Trokie products are available in 28 states.  They pride themselves in offering their customers high-quality and pure cannabis products, with their stated goal being to enable one to live a life without pain or anxiety.


Trokie offers its customers a small catalog of medical cannabis products. They come in different flavors, strengths, and formulas. All of them are Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Vegan, and Lab-Tested.


  • Lozenges: These are perfect for pain relief and other symptoms. It’s designed to start working in less than 5 minutes, and effects should last for up to 8 hours. If you don’t feel sufficient relief, you can apply a second dose at least 1-hour after your first dose.


o    Available in a variety of flavors

o    Different formulas of CBD, THC or Hybrid


  • Capsules: These offer cannabis compounds in their purest form. Start with the smallest dose and work your way up gradually. Look for symptom relief, not psychoactive effects. 


  • Patches: These are long-lasting and are great for localized pain. It’s a blend of natural pain relievers, which includes the highest over-the-counter dose of CBD, as well as European hemp oil.  You can use the patch during your normal daily activities.


  • Topicals: These are natural pain ingredients combined with other oils and butters. They have ingredients such as rosemary, olive oil, and aloe vera. You can choose from the following:


o    CBD salves

o    CBD buttercreams

o    CBD sprays


Products are reasonably priced in our opinion.


  • Lozenges 100mg – $16
  • Lozenges 500mg – $64
  • Nanocapsule – $70
  • Patches – $19
  • Topical Salve – $36

Our Experience

We tried two different products from Trokie. The red and orange version packages fall under The Lozenge product line; however, the Lozenge line has multiple different products. 


The orange version contains 10mg CBD per serving and is very simple to use by putting it under your upper lip and waiting until it dissolves. You can feel the product starting to work as you feel the tingle in the back of your throat after a few minutes. The red version also contains 10mg CBD but also contains 15mg of Melatonin. 


We tried the red version before sleep. The red version helped us tremendously to get a good night of sleep, and also helped not to wake up with a headache. The orange version was used to see if it would reduce the headaches (migraines). The pain dropped significantly to a lower level. Hence, we would rate this product at 7.5/10 for effects and usage.


Trokie is very upfront and honest on their website. Even though they offer THC infused products, they make it clear that their focus is not on the psychoactive effects, but natural and long-lasting pain relief. 


Since Trokie holds a patent on their CBD products, they give their customers a full background on the science behind them. They explain how their lozenges work and how their scientifically proven buccal delivery system operates as well.


All products go through intensive testing by third-party labs, and results are published online. 


They offer free shipping for order over $100. 

Buying Experience

You can´t buy directly on the Trokie website itself. You’d need to go to one of their several dispensaries and distributors listed on their website.


There is no mention of whether there is a refund policy or not. There are plenty of customer testimonials available on the site though.


It is clear that Trokie is proud of its patented delivery system and care about their patients. They offer a variety of products, so there’s something there for everyone. The quality is pretty high, and the effects were surprisingly good. 


We do believe that the company needs to redesign their website, as well as find a new sales model that involves easy online purchases for it to expand its market share.


However, if you’re suffering from pain, neuropathy, or other health issues, Trokie may just provide the relief you’ve been looking for.

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Lars Blenckers is a Journalist, Writer and Editor in chief at CBD Examiners. When he’s not testing out the latest CBD product in the market, he can be found in the gym, near the squat rack.

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