Top 10 Athletes Who have Benefited From CBD

November 15, 2020

­With an increasing number of studies proving the benefits provided by CBD, there has been stronger case for CBD in the health and wellness industry lately. And now, CBD is increasingly being accepted and used by athletes in the sports world.

Athletes put a lot of stress on their bodies during the training sessions or while playing the game itself. They feel the pain long after the game too. While the current medications for pain relief may be effective, they may pose risks of addiction and side effects. 

With its therapeutic side effect profile, CBD can relieve the athletes off their pain, stress, prevent inflammation, help them sleep and relax better, and strengthen the immune system. 

A study called Cannabinoid Delivery Systems for Pain and Inflammation Treatment showed that CBD helps in pain and inflammation treatment.

The World Anti-Doping Agency removed CBD from its list of prohibited substances in 2018.

Here is the list of athletes who are open advocates of CBD.

Yair Rodriguez

Yair Rodriguez is a UFC fighter and mixed martial artist. He has claimed that CBD made a difference in his career as an athlete. Cbd has helped him recover soon between training sessions.

Yair Rodriguez says that he uses CBD to relieve him from stress and anxiety before the fight and also uses it as a sleep aid. 

He voices his support for CBD usage regularly and fights for the athlete’s right to use CBD without being subjected to anti-doping laws.


Nate Diaz

Nate Diaz is another UFC fighter and mixed martial artist who is an avid user of CBD. He says that he uses CBD before and after the training sessions and fights.

Along with his brother, Nick Diaz, he owns a CBD brand by the name Game Up Nutrition. The company offers a variety of CBD products, including CBD oil and CBD pre-rolls.


Lucas Glover

Lucas Glover is a professional golfer. He uses CBD to remain healthy and calm. 

He says that he sleeps better and recovery after the game is sooner because of CBD. He endorses the Medterra CBD brand that is said to help with various illnesses such as anxiety, sleep disorders, and post-workout recovery.


Charley Hoffman

Charley Hoffman is another professional golfer who publicly supported CBD products. He, too, is a brand ambassador for Medterra CBD. He says that he has been using CBD in his daily routine.


Mason Ho

Mason Ho is a professional surfer who uses CBD products to keep him free of injury. He, too, as his fellow athletes, has partnered with a CBD company called Nanocraft CBD and endorse their products.


Megan Rapinoe

Megan Rapinoe is a professional soccer player. She says that she uses CBD as a healthier, natural option for pain management, sleep aid, relaxation while flying, and general recovery.

Along with her sister, Rachael Rapinoe, she founded a CBD company called Mendi, which helps athletes treat their injuries.


Anthony and Sergio Pettis

Anthony and Sergio Pettis are professional MMA and UFC fighters. They have discussed their use of CBD products to help them with pains and the body’s natural healing process.

They have turned to CBD products seeing its incredible results with no side effects. They have partnered with a CBD brand called CBDistillery.


Justin Flores

Justin Flores is a 3x UFC world champion coach and also a 3x USA Judo world team coach. He uses CBD products to recover from his athletics, and he has also partnered with the Nanocraft CBD brand.


Mike Tyson

Last but not least, Mike Tyson, a former professional boxer, has called CBD oil a miracle oil. He has built a luxury resort for cannabis users and also launched his own CBD brand called CopperGel. 



With these top athletes using CBD products in their day to day life, before and after the training sessions, they are paving the way for other athletes to reap the benefits of CBD products. 

With its various health benefits, CBD can reduce the consumption of over-the-counter non-steroidal drugs in athletes that pose a risk of addiction.

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