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How to Find the Right CBD Brand and Product for You

September 17, 2020

CBD is no longer spoken about in hushed tones or recommended as an alternative treatment option for health issues. It is slowly growing into a juggernaut capturing the public’s imagination with every new research that validates its innumerable benefits. 

However, as the market grows and revenues start skyrocketing, opportunists and penny pinchers start entering the fold. While rarely would you encounter a CBD company solely focused on its bottom line, it has become common to see substandard products on the shelves and your average consumer none too aware. 

This doesn’t have to be the case, though. You don’t need to spend hours window shopping or researching scientific studies to buy quality CBD products. Your personal preferences and convenience will usually be the determining factor in finding the right CBD product. 

On the other hand, finding the right brand is quite straightforward; you just need to evaluate their manufacturing practices, testing protocols, and a few other criteria. 

In this article, we shall take a brief look at both these concepts and hopefully equip you with enough knowledge to find the perfect CBD product. 

  • Look over the farming techniques

You do not want to be consuming CBD cultivated through chemical induced farming practices. Whenever you look for a product, always check where the hemp is grown/sourced from. Firstly, they need to subscribe to the regulation set down by the US farm bill. Subsequently, look into whether the plants are organic, non-GMO, and pesticide/herbicide-free. 

Even the region where hemp grows plays a significant role, given the fact that it soaks up all the soil around it. So any toxic chemicals present would profoundly impact not just the quality of the CBD product but have a detrimental effect on your body. 

  • Find out how CBD is extracted

The extraction process is one of the most critical stages in the production of hemp. It usually determines the final quality of the CBD, and whether or not you get the full benefits of CBD. Typically, high pressure and heat are used in the presence of solvents to the whole hemp extract to derive the oil that can be bottled. 

The supercritical CO2 extraction process is widely used by most companies, although alcohol extraction is a more superior process. Whenever heat is used along with butane during extraction, it can lead to contamination and residues, which could potentially be hazardous to health. 

  • Choose the right spectrum

CBD can be purchased in three varieties depending on the spectrum and how pure you want the products to be. While CBD isolates are 99% pure, they are only recommended for specific use cases and are highly processed. Instead, opt for full-spectrum, or if you prefer a completely THC free product, broad-spectrum CBD products. These are processed to a much lesser degree, derived directly from whole hemp extract, and have a full range of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and more. All of these compounds sync with each other to give your body an entourage effect that is highly beneficial. 

  • Verify Testing results

We can’t stress enough just how important third party testing is. Even if a company offers in-house testing results, we’d advise against going with them. Independent lab testing is a must in this day and age. In fact, most reputed companies not only offer updated batch test results but allow you to verify individual product results using the QR codes on the packaging. These reports help check the cannabinoid profile, assure you of contaminant-free product,s and give you a complete breakdown of the specific ratio of compounds in your product. 

  • Look into reviews and customer support

In addition to looking at broader customer reviews, keep in mind that any half-decent CBD brand would be reviewed by cannabis enthusiasts across the web. Always read over it, and check out anecdotal reports before making a decision. Since CBD products aren’t sold in independent marketplaces like Amazon, it’s quite easy for companies to fake positive perceptions. 

We’d also recommend you talk with their customer service team to assuage their knowledge about the products. This way, you can rest easy, knowing any returns or issues you face would be adequately handled in the event of unforeseen incidents. 

  • Choose the right product

The type of CBD product you should go for is dependent on what you like. While we’d advise you to start with lighter concentrations initially, the potency should be based on your ailments and needs. Next on the list should be the convenience factor. 

Oil tinctures are suitable for varying strengths, flavors, and sizes.  Capsules are good for convenient pre-measured dosages. Vapes might be ideal for those who smoke and need quick relief. Topicals are more suited for exterior pain and skin health.


There are many CBD brands in the market and even more product varieties. While it might all seem overwhelming initially, a little research could save you a whole lot of money and trouble. If you need more assistance, just take a look at our reviews on top CBD brands in the market right now.

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