Top 6 CBD-dominant strains in the market

November 21, 2020

While cannabis is a single plant, it is not a monolith. It can be found in a number of strains with their own attributes, and features. Some Cannabis strains contain very high levels of CBD. Cannabinoid does not have any intoxicating effects, but rather offers several health benefits like Chronic pain relief, seizures, anxiety, sleep disorder, skin health, etc. For some, CBD has become alternative medicine to deal with their health issues.

What does it mean by CBD-dominant strain?

CBD and THC are the two main active ingredients found in cannabis plants. While CBD doesn’t cause you high, THC does when taken. This means THC is psychoactive. 

CBD-dominant strain contains high levels of CBD and low levels of THC. Such strains offer many health benefits, as mentioned above.

With many CBD strains to choose from the market, it can be confusing and complicated. Hence, we made a list of the top 6 CBD-dominant strains for you to choose from(in no particular order).


Ringo’s Gift


Ringo’s Gift comes with an average ratio of 24:1 CBD/THC. It got its name after the CBD advocate, Lawrence Ringo. 

Ringo’s Gift offers an alternative medicinal solution to various health issues such as anxiety, PTSD, depression, arthritis, chronic pain, headaches, etc.



Harlequin is a CBD rich strain with a CBD to THC ratio of 5:2. Because of its low THC content, it doesn’t make you overtly high. 

Harlequin is known to offer pain relief, nausea relief, anxiety. 


Charlotte’s Web

Named after Charlotte Figi, whose case inspired the CBD movement in recent years, this strain is one of the best-known CBD strains. It has high CBD and low THC content.

Charlotte’s Web gained popularity after its founders, the Stanley brothers, could successfully treat Charlotte Figi with the hemp grown by them. She was suffering from a rare form of epilepsy that gave her around 300 seizures per month. This CBD strain was given to her; her seizures’ frequency was reduced to 2-3 per month.



ACDC contains a remarkably high CBD: THC ratio. This strain has little to no intoxicating effects. It provides you relaxation, a sense of calmness that doesn’t induce sleepiness/drowsiness.

ACDC provides health benefits like alleviating pain, cancer, anxiety, depression. 


Sour Tsunami

Sour Tsunami is one of the first CBD strains that gained popularity for its high-CBD content. Although it contains a certain THC amount, the psychoactive compound’s effects are reduced by a high level of CBD. 

It provides health benefits and is used to relieve chronic pain, depression, insomnia.



Harle-Tsu is a cross between Harlequin and Sour Tsunami. It contains high CBD content and minuscule amounts of THC with a CBD: THC ratio of 20:1.

Harle-Tsu provides many health benefits such as pain and inflammation, depression, anxiety, insomnia, stress.

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